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You can find news stories, events and local coverage on this page featured on the website over the last few months.


Man is maulled by a bull


In the morning of Monday 24th March, a man was maulled by a bull in North Weald according to news reports.


The man managed to escape and was airlifted to hospital with suspected injuries to his pelvis.  Emergency services including paramedic, doctors and the air ambulance were called to the scene.


It is unsure where this happened but early reports from residents is that this happened on a farm and it was somebody who worked on the farm who was injured but this is unconfirmed.



Calling all children who enjoy football


Over the next few weeks during the school holiday, a football coach will be available for a kick around, to pass on hints and tips etc every Saturday morning.


The event will take place every Saturday from 10.00 - 12.00 on the green behind the village hall.  There is a small fee for this.


Beware Scammers in North Weald


A resident was contacted recently by telephone by somebody who claimed to be a DC from Hammersmith Police and saying that he had two people in custody who had been using their card details and asked for details in order to confirm this.  Luckly the resident concerned became alarmed and did not provide any details, and rang the local police to check who have since verified that this is a scam.


Any residents who are contacted with a similar call, please do not ring your bank immediately after this type of call, as  although the telephone call may appear to have terminated sometimes this is not the case and the scammers listen in to you ringing the bank and reciting account details.


Please be on your guard.

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